Readings for line KD.5.168

Þei had þanne ben infamis þe firste day · þei can so yuel hele conseille
Þay hadde þanne ben infamis . þai can so euele hele conseille
Lest happeli thei had had no grace to hold harlatri in
For they are ticle of her tonges & must al secretes tel
They hadde þanne ben Infamis þe firste day . þei kan so yuele hele counseilW.5.169: The right margin is cropped after <co> plus one minim, losing the rest of the word. Other B witnesses read conseil.
Hm.5.169-170: Hm has expanded into two lines what exists as one long line in most other B manuscripts. Kane and Donaldson's 5.168 is a reconstruction of Bx, but most B manuscripts read Þei had þanne ben infamis þe firste day þei can so yuel hele conseille, here given in L's spelling. Hm uniquely adds whan they been agreved as the b-verse to the newly created Hm.5.170. they haddyn thanne ben ..infames · the ferste daye
they can so euyl helyehe[yl]e conseyl · whan they ben agreued ·
Thay hadde þanne be infamis þe firste day · þei kan ille holde conseil
þei had ben euvell losed for þei can heyle no couvnseyle
Þei hadden þanne been infamis  þeiO.5.170: Only YOC2M have þei alone; most B manuscripts which contain the line in this form have þe firste day þei. kun so yuele holde counceyl
Þei hadden þanne be infamis þe firste day  þei cunne so euel hele conseyle .
Þey weryn infamys at þe firste / so cun þei conseil close.