Readings for line KD.5.250

L.5.255-258: A bracket, supplied by a later hand, extends from this line through the following three lines in the left margin. Lenestow euere lordes · for loue of her mayntenaunce
L........entestow euere lordus  for loue of hire mainteinaunce
Lendest thou euer lordis for loue of her meinteinaunce ?
Lentestow euere lordes . for loue of hire mayntenaunce
lentyste thu euere to lordes · for loue of here mayntenaunce
Lendestow euere lordes · for loue of hir maintenaunce
and toke ytt by teyle here for louve off hyr meyntenance
Lentist þou euere lordis  for loue of her mayntenaunce
Lenedest þow euere lordes  for loue of here mayntenance . A design is scratched in drypoint in the left margin beside these lines; its shape is that of three pillars of approximately the same length, a vertical pillar with two supporting pillars on its left side; the higher supporting pillar is a flat horizontal, joining the vertical midway along its length, the lower one running diagonally upwards to join the other two at the same point. The effect is almost that of a reversed capital <K>.
Lentyst þou euere Lordis quod he  for love of Meyntenaunce.