Readings for line KD.5.256

Þat wolde kille hem yf he cacche hem myȝte · for coueitise of here skynnes
Þat wolde kylle hem ȝif he cacche hem miȝte  for coueitise of hire
That kilth hem if he can hem catch , for couet of her skins
That wolde kille hem if he cacche hem myȝte . for coueitise of hir skynnes           W.5.260:nota
that woold culle hem · ȝif he hem cacche mygtheHm.5.261-262: Hm uniquely divides the line after mygthe, thus creating a new line, adding as his praye asketh as the b-verse. For the newly created a-verse of 262, the scribe has replaced the Bx archetype's skynnes with the alliterating cotes. The one line in Kane and Donaldson reads as follows: That wolde kille hem if he cache hem myȝte for coueitise of hir skynnes.
for couetyse of here cotes · as his praye asketh ·
Þat wolde kylle hem if he miȝte · for to haue hir schynnes
that wold kyll theym yff he myght for couvetyse off þer skynnes
Þat wolde kille hem if he myȝte  for coueytisescoueytise of her skynnes
Þat wolde kulle hem andR.5.262: and, "if." Beta reads yf. he cacche hem miȝte  for coueytise of here skynnes .R.5.262: At the bottom center margin of 17v, there is a drypoint figure almost identical to the one noted at R5.256 for the left margin. Now, however, the <K> figure faces downwards, and the top is trapezoidal rather than a simple rectangular pillar.
Þat wolde kyllyn hem alle / for coveytyse of here skynnys.