Readings for line KD.5.262

Ne þine ysueL.5.267: L and R alone have ysue, meaning "issue, progeny." Most other B manuscripts have heires. The original scribe first wrote vsue and then in response to the corrector's <+> corrected the first character to <y>. after þe · haue ioye of þat þow wynnest
Ne þin ....heirsM.5.267: M's altered reading heirs agrees with most B manuscripts. L reads ysue, R reads vssue, and F oddly reads houswif. aftur þe . haue ioie of þat þou wynneste
Ne thyne heyres after þe haue Ioye of þat thou winest
Ne þyne heires after þee . haue ioie of þat þow wynnest
ne þyne eyres after · the · haue ioye of þat þu wynnyste
Ne þyn heires after þe · haue Ioie of þat þow wynnest
ne thy heyrs after þe hauve Ioy off þat þou wynnest
Ne þine eyres after þee  haue ioye of þat þou wynnest
Ne þin vssueR.5.268: R reads vssue, agreeing with L alone (= ysue); M has been erased and overwritten to match the other beta manuscripts' reading, heires. F reads houswif. after þe  haue ioye of þat þow wynneste .
Þat þyn houswif after the / have Ioye of þat þou wynnyst.