Readings for line KD.5.329

Tyl Robyn þe ropere · arose bi þe southe
Til Robin þe Roperere  arose by þe sotheM.5.341: Most other B manuscripts read southe. This line is "the locus classicus for the corruption of the B archetype" (Ralph Hanna, III, Pursuing History: Middle English Manuscripts and their Texts [Stanford, 1996] p. 217. Beta manuscripts read by the southe, and the unique M reading, originally by sothe, with þe inserted, is a desperate attempt to make sense of this.
Tyll Robyn the roper arose by the south
Til Robyn þe Ropere . aroos by þe Southe
tyl robyn the ropere · arose by þe southe
Til Robyn þe Roper aroos by þe souþe
tyll robyn þe roper aroose by the souvthe
Til robyn þe roper  aroos bi þe souþe
Til robyn þe ropere  arise þe southe .R.5.343: R may well represent Bx here, but the b-verse is plainly wrong. It is obvious that the F redactor has completely recast the b-verse because of its archtypally defective sense; in beta, the b-verse is similarly lacking, reading arose bi þe southe. Both Kane-Donaldson and Schmidt emend this verse conjecturally to conform to the C version: aryse they bisouhte.
Tyl Robyn þe Ropere / was reysed fram his sete.