Readings for line KD.5.350

He trembledL.5.361: L alone reads trembled, though R has tremled and F tripplid. Most other B witnesses have some form of stombled. A corrector's <+> appears in the margin, though that possibly marks the scribe's spelling an for "and" later in the line. on þe thresshewolde · an threwe to þe erthe
He ...stombledM.5.361: M's altered reading agrees with most B manuscripts. LR read trembled. on the thr.essh.folde  and threw to þe erthe
He stombled on þe threshold , & threwe to the earth
He stumbled on þe þresshfold . and þrew to þe erþe
he stombled on the threschfolde · and threwe to the erthe
He stombled on þe threswold · and throwe to þe erthe
he stomeled on þe thressfold & threwe to þe yerthe
He stumblede on þe þreschold  & þrewȝ to þe erþe
He tremledR.5.363: R's tremled is uniquely supported by L (M having been altered once more to conform to the typical beta reading—for which, see below); F reads tripplid while most betas offer the non-alliterating stombled. Among the A manuscripts, only Vernon offers a viable reading, þrompelde, while the others attest various forms of stombled. As for the C version, though a few opt for stumblet, the majority attest thromblede. Based on its alliterative pattern, this is presumably what Langland wrote originally, but the LR form is almost certainly what it became in Bx. on þe threswolde  and threw to þe erthe .
& tripplidtrippid on þe threshold / & ouer-threwh to grownde.