Readings for line KD.5.381

And avowed fastL.5.392: LGR and the first copy of M omit to before fast. · for hunger or for thurst
And avowed toM.5.392: M's original reading without to agreed with GLR. faste  for hungre or forM.5.392: M's original reading without for is not attested in other B manuscripts, except F, which has and in place of or. thurste
And vowed to fast for honger and for thurste
And auowed to faste . for hunger or for þurste
and avowed to faste · for hungor or for thurste ·
And auowed to fast · for hungre or for thruste
and awowed fastG.6.390: Manuscript M originally shared the G L R reading fast, but to has been added above the line, bringing M's reading into agreement with that of the remaining B manuscripts (i.e. "to fast"). for hongre or for thruvste
And vowede to faste  for hunger or for þrist
And auowedR.5.394: Most beta manuscripts read to fast, as does F. GLM agree with R's omission of to. M's corrector adds to above the line. On the other hand, like the beta majority, the A version attests the presence of to in this phrase. faste  for hunger or for thurst .
& a-vowede to faste / for hungir & þryst boþe