Readings for line KD.5.404

Goddes peyne and his passioun · ful selde þynke I þere-on
M.5.415KD.5.404 paine and his passioun  ful selde þenke I on itM.5.415: The addition of it brings M into agreement with W. M's omission of the word agreed with OC2C. Most B manuscripts read theron.
Gods payne & his passion full selde thynke I theron
Goddes peyne and his passion . ful selde þenke I on it
goddes peyne and his passyoun · full selde thenke y ther-onne
Goddes peyne and his passioun ful selde thynke I on
godes peyne & hys passyon selde thynke I þeronne
Goddis peyne & his passioun  ful seldenO.5.417: OC2 alone have selden in place of selde. þenke I onO.5.417: Only OC2 conclude this line with on alone; most B manuscripts have theron.
Godes peyne and his passioun  ful selde thenke I þere-on .R.5.417: A repaired tear in the parchment (existing before its use by the scribe) partially obscures the loop from the <r> in þere-on by which the following <e> is signified.
On goddis peynys ne on his passioun / ful seelde y þynke.