Readings for line KD.5.41

L.5.43: A pointing hand appears in the left margin, the work of a later scribe. This hand is in darker ink than the text and written with a finer penstroke; it is placed low in relation to the line group so that the finger points to the paraph. Compare to the hand on fol. 16r. And sithen he preyed prelatz · and prestes togideres
And sitthen he praide Prelates . & to-gedres
And sythen he prayed prelates and priestes togither
And siþen he prechedeW.5.43: W alone reads prechede. Other B manuscripts have prayed. prelates . and preestes togideres
And syþþen he prayed prelates · and preestes to-gydre
· Nota · bene ·
And sithen he prayed prelates · and prestes togidres
& sythen he preyyde plG.6.43: Presumably the deleted <pl> is the result of failure to notice the abbreviation for re in prelates. Part of the <a> following the <l> also appears to be present. See following note. prelates & prestesG.6.43: The <r> of prestes is odd and may have started life as an <s>, once again, presumably, because of failure to notice the abbreviation mark. to-gydders
And siþen he preyede prelatis  & preestis to-gyderes
And sitthen he prouedR.5.43: R's proued is unique and presumably results from scribal anticipation of proue in the next line; beta reads preyed (which is confirmed by both the A and C versions) while F completely rewrites the line. prelatz  and prestes to-gyderes .
Þanne parled he to parsones / & to preestis to-gydres.