Readings for line KD.5.432

I namL.5.443: LMO read nam. All other B witnesses have am. nouȝte lured with loue · but þere ligge auȝte vnder þe thombe
I nam nouȝte lured with loue  but þere ligge auȝt  vndur þe thombe
I am not lured with loue , but ought be vnder þe thombe
I am noȝt lured wiþ loue . but þer ligge auȝt vnder þe þombe
...?...?...y am nat lured wiþ loue · but ougth lygge vndyr the thombe ·
I am nouȝt leired with loue · but auȝt be vnder þe þombe
I am noght leyred wyth louve but oght lygge vndre þe thombe
I namO.5.445: OLM alone have nam in place of am. not leredO.5.445: YGOC2 alone have lered; most B manuscripts have lured. wiþ loue  but if ouȝt lye vnder þe þumbeO.5.445: A cross appears in the left margin, in a hand which, although not identifiable with certainty, resembles hand 3. It may represent an attempt by a corrector to point out the error of lered for lured.
I am nauȝt lured with loue  but þere ligge auȝt vnder thoumbeR.5.445: Here the beta manuscripts have a determiner, making the phrase þe thombe. This discrepancy is also apparent in the two major families of C: the P family here agrees with alpha and the X family supports beta. .
For y am nowht lured with love / but sumwhat lygge vndir þumbe.