Readings for line KD.5.440

And euere sith beL.5.451: LR alone read be; other B manuscripts read haue be, haue I be, or I haue be. True to form, the corrector has noted the reading with a marginal <+>. beggere · for my foule sleuthe
And euere sitth haueM.5.452: M's original reading without haue agreed with LR. ben beggere  for my foule slewthe .
And euer sith haue ben beggery for my foule slouth
And euere siþþe haue I be beggere . for my foule sleuþe
and euere sytthe haue y ben beggere · for my fowle slowthe
And euere siþe haue be begger for my foule sleuþe
and euer syth I hauve be begger for my fowle slouvghe
And euere siþ haue I beenO.5.453: WHmOC2 alone have haue I been; variants include be (LR), haue be (YcrCM), I haue be (GBmCot), I haue iben (Bo), and I am þe (F). begger  for my foule sleuþe
And euere sitthe be beggere  for my foule sleuthe .
Þat y am euereeuere sytthe i am þe lewedereF.5.449: Bx is corrupt, reading "And euere siþþe haue be beggere for my foule sleuþe." F attempted to revise, substituting lewedere for beggere on the basis of the preceding b-verse. / þorghȝ myn grete slowþe.