Readings for line KD.5.467

So rewe on þis robbere · þat reddere ne haue
So ruwe on þis robbere  þat reddere ne haue.thM.5.480: M's original haue (followed by an overwritten punctus) agreed with most B manuscripts. The alteration brings M into agreement with Cr23, while Cr1OC2 read hath.
So Rue on thys robber that Reddere , ne hath ,
So rewe on þis Robbere . þat Reddere ne haue
so rewe on robbere · that reddere ne hau.e
So rew on this robber · þat reddere ne haue ·
so rewe on þis robbereG.6.477: The final <e> of robbere has been written over the ascender of the long <r>. G.6.477:As far as the addition of final <e> to "robber" is concerned, it seems possible that the scribe may have been influenced by the original omission and later addition of the <e> on reddere later in the line, i.e. the scribe appears to have treated the word "robber" as if it too were a Latin infinitive. that reddereG.6.477: The final <e> of reddere has been added over the ascender of the long <r>. See previous notes. ne hauve
So rewe on þis robber  þat reddere ne haþ
So rewe on þis robbere  þat reddere ne haue .
So rewe on me Robbere / þat reddere wil[n]il knowe.