Readings for line KD.5.501

And bi so moche me semeth · þe sikerere we mowe
And by so muche me semeþ . þe sekerer we mowe
And by so muche me semeth the siker we may
And by so muche me semeþ . þe sikerer we mowe
And by so muche me semeth · þe sykerere we mowe
And by so muche me semes · þe sikerer we mowe
& by moche me semethe þe sykererwesykerer weG.6.518: The addition of the second <er> of sykerer has left no space between words.G.6.518: Cr1 Y F share G's original reading syker. Most B manuscripts share the corrected reading sykerer. mowe
And bi so myche me semeþ  þe sikerer we mowe 
And by so m.yche itR.5.521: Cx agrees with alpha. semeth  þe sykerlokerR.5.521: This is a unique form in R; F has sikere while beta reads sikerere; nevertheless, Cx agrees exactly with R's comparative, an odd form that appears restricted to texts from the West Midlands (as evidenced by citations from both MED, s. v. sikerli [adv. 3], and OED2, s. v. sickerly.) we mowe .
& by so myche / itF.5.514: Alpha reads it for beta's me. semeþ / þe sykeresyk[er]ere to styȝe to hevene.