Readings for line KD.5.533

Coudestow auȝte wissen vs þe weye · where þat wy dwelleth
Coudestow ouȝte wiss.en vs þe weiey  where þat wye won....yethM.5.553: M shares the reading wonyeth with Cr. It is also the reading of C manuscripts. Other B manuscripts have dwelleþ.
Coudst þou not wishnot wis[sen] vs þe wai , where þat wight wonnith ?
Koudestow auȝt wissen vs þe wey . wher þat wye dwelleþ
...?...canst þu ougth wyssen vs the weye · where that wye dwelleþ
koudestow wissen vs þe wey · wher þat he dwelles
couvldesthowe wysshenG.6.551: In the case of G at least, the shared G Cr F reading wysshen (for remaining manuscripts wissen) need not necessarily be considered to be a substantive variant. For the use of <sh> for <s> in G, see Introduction III.4.1. vs the wey bwhereG.6.551: For the deletion of <b> and its replacement with <w> in where, compare the confusion over <bb> in lybben at G.6.151. þat he dwellythe
Koudist þou wissen vs þe weye  where þat he dwelliþ
Koudest þow auȝt wissen vs þe wey  þereR.5.553: R's þere is unique in the B tradition (LaAMaH among the A manuscripts agree with R); F and beta read where, which is also the reading of the A majority. þat wyȝteR.5.553: R's wyȝte agrees only with Cr; F and the beta majority read wy(e), which is also the reading of the A version. dwelleth .
& canst þou wisshe vs þe wey / where þat weyȝ dwelliþ.