Readings for line KD.5.620

vij sisters
Þat one hatL.5.642: The <h> is written over in the darker ink of the later correcting scribe. abstenence · and humilite an-other
Þat on h..te abstinence . and humilite þatM.5.643: M's reading þat is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read an. oþur
That one of hem hight Abstinence , Humilitie an other
That oon hatte Abstinence . and humilite anoþer
that on hatte abstynence · and humylyte an nothur
Þat oon hat abstinence · and humilite an-oþer
the on hett / abstynece / & huvmylyte /G.6.641: For the G scribe's use of virgules for highlighting, see note to G.6.597. a-nother
Þat oon hatte abstynence  & humylite an-er
Þat on hatte abstinence  and vmbleteR.5.643: R's form here is obviously synonymous with the F/beta humilite (which is also the lection found in Ax). However, R's form is treated by MED and OED2, s. v. humblete, not as a spelling variant but as a different, rarer noun, derived from humble by suffixing. MED cites examples from manuscripts of Chaucer's Physician's Tale, Parson's Tale, and the Tale of Melibee. The P family of the C version agrees with the prevalent F/beta reading, but the X family shows the same rare form as R, suggesting that it may well have been the reading in both Bx and Cx. an-other .
Þe firste ys abstynense / & humilite ys a-noþir.