Readings for line KD.5.632

Wite god quod a wafrestre · wist I þis for sothe
Wo..otM.5.655: Other B manuscripts read Wite or Wold for M's Woot, which is probably altered from Wote. god quod a wafrere . wiste I þis for sothe
Wyt God quod a wafrester , wyst I this forsoth
Wite god quod a wafrestere . wiste I þis for soþe
w.ete god quod a wafrestere · wyste y this forsothe
Wite god quod a wayfrester · wist I þis for soþe
wold god quod a waferer wyst I þusG.6.653: G þus for remaining manuscripts þis is probably a back spelling, cf. frequent G "this" for "thus" and see note to G.4.76. for sothe
Wite god quod a waferer  wiste I þis for soþe
Wite god quod a wafrestere  wiste I þis sothe .R.5.655: F reads this b-verse as þat y wiste þe sothe. Beta has wist I þis for sothe. Obviously, R is closer to beta here, differing only in omitting for. Ax appears to have had the same reading as beta. Cx is uncertain (a major group of P manuscripts reading þe soþe), but the X family clearly supports beta's version of the phrase.
A  wolde god quod a Messager / þat y wiste þe sothe.