Readings for line KD.6.1

L.6.1: Three dots in brown ink arranged in a triangle appear in the left margin. ThisL.6.1: The ornamental character is six lines high and in blue with red flourishes and three sprays. A small guide letter <t> appears in the left margin amidst the flourishes. were a wikked way · but who-so hadde a gyde
This were a wikk.ede way  but whoso hadde a gyde
THis were a wickid way , but if we had a gide
This were a wikkede wey . but who-so hadde a gyde
This were awykkyda wykkyd weye . but who-so hadde a guyde
This were a wikked way bot who-so hadde a gyde
Thys were a wycked way boteG.7.1: The first stroke of the <w> of "whoso" is written here and crossed out. but wo-so had a gyde
ÞIs were a wickide weye  but who-so hadde a guyde
This were a wikked way  but ho-so hadde a gyde .
F.5.653: The text is marked in the left margin by a later secretary hand for the B passus division. Þis where a wikkide wey / but we hadde a gyde.F.5.653: A later secretary hand supplied passus sextu[s] in the right margin. The final character has been lost to cropping.