Readings for line KD.6.203

Of beggeres and of bidderes · what best beL.6.207: L uniquely has be, omitting to, though the other B manuscripts vary between be to and is to. done
Of beggers and bidders . what best be to done
Of beggers and bydders , what best to be done?
Of beggeris and of bidderis . what best be to doone
of beggers and of bydders · what beste ben to done
Of beggers and bidders · what best be to doone
off beggers & off bydders wat best be to done
Of beggers ofO.6.208: Only OC2 have of alone; variants include and (CrYCBM) and and of (WHmGLRF). bidders  what best be to done
Of beggeres and of bydderes  what best is to doneR.6.206: R's is in this b-verse is shared only with F and Y; the entire phrase shows considerable minor variation among the B witnesses, but the original reading of beta is probably that of the majority of beta copies, what best be to done. This agrees with the reading of Cx. By contrast, R's b-verse agrees exactly with Kane's reconstruction of the phrase in Ax (though a majority of A manuscripts reverse the key phrase to is best). .
Of beggerys & of bydderys / what is best to doone.