Readings for line KD.6.204

For I wote wel be þow went · þei wil worche ful ille
For I wo..otM.6.208: M alone among B manuscripts lacks the word wel here. be þow went . þei wil worchen fulM.6.208: Among other B manuscripts only G omits ful. ille
For I wot wel be thou went , they wil worch full yll ,
For I woot wel be þow went . þei wol werche ful ille
for y wote wel be thu wente · they wyln don full ylle
For I wot wel be thow went · þey wol worche ful ille
for I wote wele be þou weynte þei wole worche yllG.7.208: Manuscript M originally shared the majority B reading ful ille but M ful has been erased, thus bringing M's reading into line with that of G (i.e. yll). The G M reading is also that of a high proportion of A manuscripts, and is adopted by Kane and Donaldson.
For I woot wel . be þou went  þei wolen doO.6.209: HmOC2 alone have do in place of werche or worchen. ful ille
For I wote wel be þow wente  þei wil werche ful ille .
For y whoot wel . be þou went / þey wille wirche ful ille.