Readings for line KD.6.207

Þey are my blody bretheren quod pieres · for god bouȝte vs alle
Þey arn my blody breþeren . ...?...?...quod pieres . for god bouȝte vs alle .M.6.211: It seems probable that M originally agreed with A and C in lacking quod pieres, and so the corrector needed to rewrite the b-verse and insert another punctus.
They ar mi bloudy brether quod Pierce , for god bought vs all
Thei are my blody breþeren quod Piers . for god bouȝte vs alle
they are my blody bretherne · quod peers for god b..owgth vs alle
Thay er my blody brether quod piers · for god buouȝt vs alle
they are my brethren quod pyers guododG.7.211:The scribe appears to have begun by misreading the initial <g> of "god" as a <q> (and has thus initially misread the whole word as quod). boght vs all
And ȝit þeiO.6.212: Only YOC2 have And ȝit þei; all other beta witnesses have Thei alone. arn my blody breþeren quod peers  for god bouȝte vs alle
ItR.6.210: R's It is unique among the B manuscripts; most, including F, read Þey. However, R's reading agrees with that found in Ax and Cx, both of which begin the line And (h)it. aren arenaren my blody bretheren quod peres  &R.6.210: Both F and beta have for where R reads &. Ax and Cx agree with F/beta here. god bouȝte vs alle . The parchment here was torn long ago and repaired by stitching. The tear extended the length of these nine lines and is approximately 6 cm. long from its beginning at the page edge, running diagonally inwards and downwards. At its bottom it is approximately 2.5 cm. in from the page margin.
Þey are my bretheryn of blood quod Pers / for crist bowhte vs alle.