Readings for line KD.6.277

Wende now hunger whan þow wolt · þat wel be þow euere
For þis is a louely lessoun . lorde it þe forȝelde
Wend þou honger when þou wylt , þat wel be thou euer
Wend now hunger whan þow wolt . þat wel be þow euere
wende nowe hunger whan thu wolte · þat wel be þe euere
Wende now hunger whan þou wolt þat wel be þou euere
wende now hongre when þou wylt well be þou euver
O.6.284-285: These lines are transposed.Wende now hungur whanne þou wilt  þat wel be þee euere
Wend now hunger whan þow wilt  þat wel þow be euere .R.6.281: Cf. F's þe betyȝde and beta's be þow euere. In his parallel-text edition of Piers, A. V. C. Schmidt errs by listing R's reading here as a dittography, yow yow. Apparently, this error stems not from R itself, which is quite clear, but from Schmidt's reliance on the apparatus of Kane-Donaldson, which here displays a rare mistake. In any event, the correct reading is probably that of beta since it matches the reading of Ax and of a majority of C witnesses for this phrase. However, key X family witnesses (XIUcDc) reverse the crucial phrase, reading thow be and thus agreeing with the B-version's manuscript R against beta.
Wende nowh hungir . whan þou wilt / & wel þe be-tyȝde.