Readings for line KD.6.308

Deyned nouȝt to dyne a-day · nyȝt-olde wortes
Deined nouȝt to dyneM.6.315: All other B manuscripts here include a day, except F which has or suppe. . niȝt olde wortus
Deyned not to dyne a-daye nyght-old wortes ,
Deyned noȝt to dyne a-day . nyȝt-olde wortes           W.6.315:nota
deynen nougth to dyne a-day · nygth-olde wortys
C [Not found.]
deyned noght to dyne a day / nyht olde wortes
Wolden ete no nyȝt-oldeO.6.316: An otiose mark appears above the <o> in olde. wortis  ne drynke no peny-aleO.6.316: YOC2 here spoil the alliteration by conflating the following two lines: "Deyne[þ] noȝt to dyne a day nyȝt olde wortes.
May no peny ale hem paie, ne no pece of bacoun."
DeynedR.6.313: Beta reads Deyned nouȝt to dyne. F completely rewrites the line. Though Ax clearly agrees with beta, most C manuscripts omit noȝt in this phrase, but three (IP2Ac) include it and X has it added by another hand. to dyne o-day  niȝte-olde wortes .R.6.313: There is an apparently random ink blot (having the appearance of a second punctus) approximately 1.3 cm. to the right of the intended punctus.
Þey endeyȝhneF.5.963: This word, unique to F, is not elsewhere attested in the sense "disdain," but cf. MED s.v. endeinous "disdainful, haughty." toF.5.963: Alpha omits noȝt before to dyghne. dyghne / or suppe olde wortes.