Readings for line KD.6.311

And þat chaude or plus chaud · for chillyng of here mawe
And þat chaud or .plus chaude . for chillinge of hire mawe .
And þe chaud , or plus chaud , for chilling of her maw
And þat chaud and plus chaud . for chillynge of hir mawe           W.6.318:nota
and that chaw.ded and plus cha.. ·wd for chyllynge of her mawes
And þat chaude or plus chaude · for chillyng of hir mawe
and that clauvdec[h]aude & pluvs chauved for chyllyng off þer mawe
And þat chaud or plus chaud  for chillyng of her mawe
But if it be fresche flesche other fische  for chillyng of his mawe .R.6.315: R and F run this line of archetypal B together with the next by splicing this a-verse, But . . . other fische (= KD6.310) to the b-verse of the next line (= KD6.311), for chillyng of here mawe. In fact, R is the only B witness (despite its conflation of two lines) to read for chillyng of his mawe—the reading of the X family of C and of four A manuscripts (including Kane's copytext, T). Most of the other B witnesses attest hir(e), the predominant reading in the A-version copies and in the P family of C.
But it be hoot flesh & freshȝ / for flasshyng of here mawe.F.5.965: Alpha omitted a b-verse and an a-verse, creating one line of Bx's two. Bx reads as follows:
But if it be fressh flessh ouþer fissh fryed ouþer ybake
And þat chaud and plus chaud for chillynge of hir mawe.
R preserved chillyng, but F characteristically regularizes the alliteration by substituting flasshyng.