Readings for line KD.8.129

Here is wille wolde ywyteL.8.125: LMR alone have ywyte. Other B manuscripts have wite. · ȝif witte couthe teche hym
will ...?...M.8.125: This erasure is illegible even under an ultraviolet lamp.
Here is . will . wolde y-wyte  ȝif wit.. couthe teche hym .
Here is wyl wolde witte , if witte coude teche hym
Here is wil wolde wite . if wit koude teche hym
here is wil wolde wyte · ȝif wyt co...wde teche hym
Here is wille wolde wite · if wit kouthe teche hym
there ys wyll wold wytt / yff wytt couvde hym teycheG.9.125: G's reading, hym teyche, which is adopted by Kane and Donaldson, provides a metrically more satisfactory b-verse than the majority B reading teche hym (though see Duggan, "Notes on the Metre").
Heer is wille wolde wite  if witt kouþe teche hym
HereR.8.116: Beta reads Here is wille. F rewrites the line. Ax agrees completely with beta. The C version of the line is slightly revised, but the syntax is the same as beta's and includes is. wille wolde I-witt  if wit coude teche hym .
Fayn wolde y wete witt / If þou cowdist me telle.F.6.122: Bx reads here: "Here is wil wolde wite if wit koude teche hym."