Readings for line KD.8.130

And whether he be man · or manL.8.126: L alone reads man. Most other B witnesses have womman, though BCR have no man. The corrector's <+> in the left margin may be for a correction here, or may refer to a mistake subsequently corrected, since wolde later in this line is written over an erasure. · þis man fayne .....wolde aspye
And wh.....eiþer he be man . or womman  þis man fayne ——M.8.126: M's original reading agreed with WCrLRF. M's erasure of fayne brings it into agreement with HmGYOC2CB. wolde aspie
And whether he be man or woman , this man fain wold espy
And wheiþer he be man or womman . þis man fayn wolde aspie
and wheþer he be man or womman · this man wolde aspye ·
And whether he be man or no man · þis man wolde aspye
& wether he be man or woman þis man wold aspye
And wheþer he be man or womman  þis man wolde asspye
And whether he be man or nomanR.8.117: In place of R's noman (which probably reflects alpha's reading — F reads noon), beta had either womman (the reading of the majority) or man (the reading of L). If L's reading is correct (which seems likelier), then beta also had an interlinear correction, no, which was overlooked by L, transmitted in the same form — as an interlinear — through beta prime, and then deciphered correctly by C as well as the B group (which agree with R) while being garbled to wo by most later witnesses.  þis man fayn wold aspie .
Wheyþir he be man / or noon / y wolde fayn a-spyȝe.