Readings for line KD.8.98

A pyke is on þat potente · to pulte adown þe wikked
A pike is on þat potente  to putte a-doun þe wikk..ed .
A pyke is on þat potent to pul downe the wicked ,
A pik is on þat potente . to putte adown þe wikked
a pyke is on þat potente · to putte a-doun the wykkyd
A pike is on þe potente to pute adoun þe wikked
a pyke ys on þe potente to puvt a-downe þe wycked
A pyke is on þe potent  to pilteO.8.95: OC2 alone have pilte. Variants include pulte (L), pelte (R), pul (Cr), pulle (Y), pytten (F), putte (WHmBM), pute (C), and put (G); Kane and Donaldson emend to punge. The form pilte is defined by the MED as "to thrust, push, strike"; pulte and pelte are listed as variants. The form pungen is listed as a variant of pingen, "to push (a door), batter; shove," "to pierce or stab." Skeat (Vol. II, 419) notes that the word's literal meaning is "goad." adoun þe wikkide
A pyke onR.8.93: R parallels beta exactly but uniquely omits is before on; F includes the verb but rearranges the half-line. Ax agrees with beta. þat potente  to pelte adoun þe wikkede .
& in þat potente ys a pyȝk / to pytten doun þe wykkede.