Readings for line KD.9.1

SireL.9.1: The ornamental capital of seven lines height is done in blue ink with red flourishes. dowel dwelleth quod witte · nouȝt a day hennes
SIre Dowell dwelleþ quod witte  nouȝt a day
HEre dowel dwellith quod wit not a day hence
SIre dowel dwelleþ quod wit . noȝt a day hennes
Sire dowel dwelleþ quod wytte · nougth a daye hennys ·
SIre dowel dwelles quod wit · nouȝt a day hennes
SIr dowell dwellythe quod wytt noght a day hence
SIre dowel dwelliþ quod witt  not a day hennys O.9.1: A small cross, in an unidentifiable hand, appears in the near left margin of this line.
Sire dowelleth dwellisR.9.1: Manuscript C also reads dwelles, but the A and C versions attest the same present-tense verb form as F and most beta copies: dwelleth. R's original reading, before editorial correction to dwellis, was a grotesque error involving the accidental merger of two words (dowelleth), but the form of that error makes clear that R's copytext attested the same verb form as that now found in F and most other manuscripts. quod witt  nauȝt a day hennes .
Sire dowel dwelliþ quod witt / nowht a day henne.