Readings for line KD.9.103

And sitthe to spille speche · þat spyre is of grace
M.9.108: As a result of eyeskip on heuene (M9.107 and M9.109), the scribe initially omitted M9.108-109. The missing lines were then written in the right margin next to M9.110-111. Subsequently, a line of text was erased at the bottom of the folio and the two omitted lines were supplied there, the corrector labeling lines 108-111 with the letters a-d to indicate their proper order, and the marginal correction was erased. No other B manuscript omitted these two lines.a. And sithen to spille speche  þat enspiredM.9.108: M shares with Cr the reading enspired. Other B manuscripts read spire, spicerie or spicere. Kane and Donaldson note that the word is "over erasure another hand." While it is true that the entirety of lines M9.108-109 is written as an addition at the bottom of the leaf in another ink, and that a line has been erased to make space for line 108, the individual word enspired is consistent in hand and ink with the rest of this addition. is of grace
And sithen to spill speach that enspired is of grace
And siþþe to spille speche . þat spicerieW.9.108: W alone reads spicerie, "spice"; Hm reads spicere, "spice-dealer," while most other B manuscripts have spire, "shoot." is of grace
and suþþe to spille speche · þat spicere is of grace ·
And sithe to spille speche · þat spire is of grace
& sythe to spyll speche þat spyre ys off grace
And siþþe to spille speche  þat spire is of grace
And secheR.9.109: F reads all swiche, which looks as though it is somehow related to R's seche but is equally devoid of sense. The likeliest explanation for these variants is that alpha's <c> and <t> were indistinct and that alpha had intended sethe. Beta's correct reading is sitthe. to spille speche  þat spire is of grace .
& alle swiche þat spillyn speche / here spiryȝt haþ no grace.F.6.233: Bx reads "And siþþe to spille speche þat spire is of grace." Alpha has swiche in place of siþþe.