Readings for line KD.9.11

And hath do hir with sire dowel · is duke of þis marches
And hath doon hire with sire Dowell  is Duc of þis Marches
And doth her with syr Dowel , is duke of thys marches
And dooþ hire wiþ sire dowel . is duc of þise Marches
and dooþ her wyth sire dowel · is duke of these marches ·
As does hir with sire do-wel · Is duc of þise marches
& hathe done hyr wyth syr dowell duvke off thes merches
And haþ doon hir wiþ sire do-wel  duke of þis marches
And hath I-doR.9.11: F and some beta copies (e.g., CrWHm) here read dooþ; LMGO, by contrast, read hath do(on). R's hath I-do is almost identical to the reading of L. The predominant readings among both A and C witnesses are small variations of the RLMOG phrase, but six manuscripts from the P family of C attest the same reading as FCrWHm. hire withR.9.11: Beta reads with sire dowel. This reading is also found in Ax and Cx. dowel  is duk of þeR.9.11: Cf. F's þat and beta's þis. Beta's reading is also that of Ax and Cx. marches .
& doþ hire dwelle with dowelF.6.135: Alpha is responsible for the omission of sire before dowel. / Dewk of þat marches.F.6.135: F's þat is unique. R has þe, and beta manuscripts þise.