Readings for line KD.9.158

For-þi haue þei maugre forL.9.167: LMR alone have for. Other B manuscripts have of. here mariages · þat marye so her childerenL.9.167-203: A bracket in the right margin extends the length of the page.
For-þ.y haue þei maugre . for hire mariages  þat marie so hire children
Therfore haue þe maugre of her mariages þat mary so her children
For-þi haue þei maugre of hir mariages . þat marie so hir children
forthy haue þey maugree of her maryages þat maryen so her childryn
For-thy haue thay maugre · þat so marien hir childerne
forthy hauve þei mauvgre G.10.165: At this point, β4 manuscripts lack "of/for their marriages."& so maryen theyre chylder
nota . Of wedlokO.9.165: The word nota is surrounded by red and black flourishes at top right and left and beneath.
For-þi . haue þei maugre  þat so marien her children
For-þi haue þei maugre forR.9.164: Although most beta copies read of, LM agree with R in reading for. here mariages  as men marien now her childeren .R.9.164: Beta's b-verse reads þat marye so her childeren. F has for maryagys vnkende.
For-þy  þey haddyn mawgrees / for maryagys vnkende. F makes two lines of the following line in Bx: "Forþi haue þei maugre of hir mariages þat marie so hir children."
/ [¶] & on þe same maner now / men maryen here chyldryn.