Readings for line KD.9.165

It is an oncomelyL.9.174: The prefix on was added supralinearly after initial copying, perhaps in response to the corrector's <+> in the left margin. F also omitted the prefix. L uniquely has the spelling on; most other B manuscripts have vn. Kane-Donaldson take the interlinear addition to be in the main text hand, but we think the correction is added by a later hand. couple · bi cryst as me þinketh
nota contra matrimonium inordinatum
It is .an vncomelyM.9.173: This insertion in M occurs at a place where B manuscripts attest a variety of readings. M's altered state agrees with most B manuscripts. L has comely with on added above the line. couple  bi Crist as me thinkeþ .
It is an vncomly couple by Christ as me thinketh
It is an vncomly couple . by crist as me þynkeþ          W.9.173:nota
It is an vncomely couple · by cryst as me thynketh
It is an vnkouþe couple by crist · as me thynke
ytt ys an vncomely couvple by cryste as me thynkethe
It is an vncomeli couple  bi crist as me þinkiþ
¶ It is an vncomely couple  by IhesusR.9.169: Beta reads cryst, which maintains the line's alliterative pattern. Ax agrees with beta. as me thenketh .
It isF.6.292: This is a poor piece of vellum, occasionally almost translucent. Abrasion and cockling on the recto and either mildew damage or abrasion on this side make is very difficult to see. an komely[vn]komely cowple / by IesusF.6.292: Alpha is responsible for Iesus. Bx has correctly alliterating crist. as me semeþ.