Readings for line KD.9.172

Haue þei no children but cheste · anL.9.181: The corrector has noted the scribe's an for and with a <+> in the left margin. choppyng hem bitwene
Haue þei none children but cheeste  and ...?...chidyngeM.9.180: M's reading of chidynge is not shared by other B manuscripts, which attest this word variously. It does, however appear as a variant of cheeste in A manuscripts (K10.193). hem bitwene
Haue thei no children but chests & clapping them betwen
Haue þei no children but cheeste . and clappyngW.9.180: clappyng, "loud talk." The reading is shared with Cr. hem bitwene
haue þey no childryn but cheste · and carpynge hem ...?...betwene
Haue thay no children but chydes · and choppyng hem bitwene
hauve þei no chyldren but chest & choppyng theym betwene
Haue þei no children but chest  & choppyng hem bitwene
Haue þei non children but iangelyngeR.9.175: Here alpha's alliteration fails; beta properly reads cheste, a reading confirmed by both Ax and Cx.  & gayingR.9.175: R's gaying makes no sense. Beta probably read choppyng. The entire line in F is garbled, presumably by loss of the end of the a-verse. As a result, F reads the line thus: þey have no children / but Ianglyng hem be-twene. hem bitewene .
Þey have no children / but Ianglyng hem be-twene.F.6.298: Alpha's reading was apparently defective, and R and F found different unsatisfactory solutions. Bx must have read "Haue þei no children but cheste and choppyng hem bitwene."