Readings for line KD.9.26

Kynde quod witte is a creatour · of alle kynnes þinges
# quod natura est Creator omnium rerum
Kynde quod witte is aM.9.26: Kane and Donaldson record both M and R as omitting this a, which they reject as unauthorial, but without noting that the a, attested in all other B manuscripts, is clearly legible under an erasure in both manuscripts. creatour  of alle kynnes þinges
Kynd quod witte is a creator of al kinnis thyngs
Kynde quod wit is a creatour . of alle kynnes þynges
kynde quod wytt a creature · of all kyn thynges
kynde quod wit is a creature · of alkynge thynges
kynd quod wytt ys a cratouvrcr[e]atour alloff all kynnes thynges
Kynde quod witt is a creature  of alkyns þingys
¶ Kende quod witt is aR.9.26: Although M agrees with R in the omission of the determiner (in both copies by what appears to be an editorial erasure of the word a originally written), most beta copies and F agree in reading is a creatour. However, the overwhelming majority of A and C manuscripts agrees with the "corrected" (i.e. the erased) version of RM. creatour  of alkynne þinges .
Quod wit  Kynde is a creatour / of alle kenne þyngys.