Readings for line KD.9.29

Lorde of lyf and of lyȝte · of lysse and of peyne
Lord of lif and of liȝte  of blisseM.9.29: With the alteration of lisse to blisse, M joins BCrGRF. and of peine
Lorde of lyfe and of lyght of blis and of payne
Lord of lif and of liȝt . of lisse and of peyne
lord of lyf and of lygth · of lysse and of peyne
Lord of lif and of light · of lisse and of peyne
lord off lyfe & off lyght / off blysse & off payne
Lord of lijf & of liȝt  of lisse & of peyne
Lord of lif and of liȝt  of blisseR.9.29: The group of witnesses joining R in attesting blisse (a non-alliterating synonym of authorial lisse) includes F, as expected, and five typical beta manuscripts: Cr1, G, and B (Bm, Bo, and Cot). Cr1 and G are late, and exposed to extensive lateral transmission, so that their agreement in this reading is not problematic. Likewise, the B group is so textually inferior in its common source as to be an unsurprising ally. However, what is mildly surprising is that M also has been "corrected" into agreement with this alpha error. This fact suggests that blisse was already present in Cr1's exemplar (beta2), because Cr1's exemplar was almost certainly the copy that had been used long before to "correct" M into agreement with the WHmCr sub-family. and of payne .
& lord of lyf & of lyth / of blysse & of peyȝne.