Readings for line KD.P.10

I slombred in a slepyng  it sweyued so merye
I slombrede in a slepinge  it swey..ed so merye .
I slombred into a slepyng , it swyȝed so mery .
I slombred in-to a slepyng . it sweyed so murye .
y slombred in-to a slepyng · it swyȝed so merye ·
I slombred in a sleping · it sweyued so meri
I slomered In-to a slepyng InG.1.10: The scribe altered In to Itt but then crossed through and rewrote as yt. yt sweyd so merye
I slumbrede in a slepyng  it sweyuedeO.P.10: This word caused scribal confusion. YC2CL share the reading of O; other variants include sweyd (G), swyȝed (HmCRF), sweyed (WM), and sweuenyd (H). Although the MED relates the form swiȝede in the corresponding line of the C-text (Trinity MS) to swevenen, "to dream," Skeat's gloss on sweyued as meaning "flowed, rippled along" (Dan. svæve) accords better with the sense of the line. However, the MED lists no forms of sweien with a medial <u>. Schmidt (363) adopts the reading of ZA, sweyed, which he glosses as "sounded." Kane and Donaldson adopt this form as well. so myrie
R [Not found.]
I slumbrede in-to slepyng / it swyȝede so merye