Readings for line KD.P.143

And þanne gan alle þe comune · crye in vers of latin
Thanne biganM.P.143: M's reading of bigan is not shared by other B manuscripts, which, except for F, read gan. al þe comune crie . in vers of latinM.P.143: The end of the word is lost in the binding.
Than gan all the commons crye in verse of latine
Thanne gan al þe commune . crye in vers of latyn
thanne gan alle the comune · crye in verse of latyn
And thane gan alle the comune · crye in vers of latyn
then gan all þe commuvne crye In vers off latyn
Þanne gan alle þe comunes  crie . in vers of latyn
And þanne gan alle aR.P.19: R offers two unique readings in this line: (1) where the beta copies have þe comune(s), R reads a comoune; (2) where beta attests in vers, R has in a vers. F's reading of this line is completely erratic. comoune crie  in a vers of latyn .R.P.19: Immediately hereafter, alpha omits a line present in beta:
To þe kynges conseille construe ho-so wolde.
/ [¶] Thanne cryeden alle þe comonys / with o voys a tonysat onys.F.1.137: Alpha omits the following line attested by beta witnesses: "To þe kynges counseil construe whoso wolde."