Readings for line KD.P.150

And ouerlepe hem lyȝtlich · and lauȝte hem at his wille
And ouerle..ep hem liȝtly  and lauȝte hem atte his wille .
And ouerleapt hem lyghtly & caught hem at his wyl
And ouerleep hem liȝtliche . and lauȝte hem at his wille
and ouer lepe hem lyȝtly · and lauȝt hem at his wylle
An ouer-lepe hem lightliche · an lauȝte hem at his wille
SG.1.150: The letter <S> is formed from a series of linked dots. This and similar marks enable the reader to find sections referred to in the table of contents. See f.101v. As Benson and Blanchfield point out (Manuscripts, 132), the mark is referred to in this table, so it has clearly been added as part of the original preparation of the manuscript. The form of the letter, however, suggests the possibility that such marks were the work of WH rather than the original scribe; see the form of the capitals used by WH on ff.69v, 72v and 103r, and see further Jefferson, "Divisions," esp. 148-50.
& ouverlepe theym lyghlycheG.1.150: Spellings of "lightly" without <t> are recorded by the MED. & laghte theym att hys wyll
And ouerleepe hem lyȝtly  & lauȝte hem at his wille
And ouer-leepe hem liȝthliche  and lauȝt hem at his wille .
& ouer-leep hem lyghtly / & lawht hem at wylle.