Readings for line KD.P.152

For doute of dyuerse dredes · we dar nouȝte wel loke
For doute of diuerse dredus  we dar nouȝt wel looke .
For doubt of diuers dredes we dare not wel loke
For doute of diuerse dredes . we dar noȝt wel loke
for doute of diuerse dredes · we dare nouȝt wel loke
For doute of diuerse dredes · we dare nouthe loke
for dovte off dyuers dredeG.1.152: Kane and Donaldson observe that the error in G's reading drede (for most manuscripts dredes) is "noted" but it is difficult to see what they mean unless they are referring to the following added virgule, something which would raise questions about other similar additions. /G.1.152: Once again, the colour of the added virgule is the same as that of the <u> to <v> changes and it therefore seems likely that it was made by the original scribe at a later date (see further Introduction II.1.1 and II.1.1.3). Virgules are frequently omitted in the earlier stages of the original transcription but become more frequent as the text progresses. we dare not well loke
For doute of dyuerse dedesO.P.152: OC2 alone have dedes in place of drede(s).  we dorenO.P.152: O alone has doren; all other beta witnesses have dar. not wel loke
For doute of diuerse dredes  we dare nouȝt wel loke .
& for drede of deeþ / we ne dore not wel looken.