Readings for line KD.P.165

Were þere a belle on here beiȝ · bi Ihesu as me thynketh
Were þere a belle on ...hireM.P.165: The original reading may have been his, as in G. beiȝe  by Ihesu as me th..ynkeþ .
Were there a bel on her bight bi Iesu as me thinkith
Were þer a belle on hire beiȝe . by Iesu as me þynkeþ
Hm.P.163-173: Hand 1 initially wrote ten lines which he erased and replaced with these eleven lines in a lighter ink. were þer a belle on her beye · by ihesu as me thynkeþ
Were ther a belle on hir bighes · by Iesu as me thynke
were ther a bell on hys beygh by Iohn as me thynkyth
Were þer a belle on her byesO.P.165: YOC alone have the plural form.  bi iesu as me þinkeþ
Were þere abellea belle on here bye  by IhesusR.P.40: Beta witnesses have Ihesu. The C manuscripts are divided, a majority reading with beta but a significant minority, in both major branches, agreeing with alpha. as me thenketh .
Where þere a belle on here beyȝe / by IesusF.1.158: Alpha is responsible for Iesus. Beta witnesses have Iesu. as me þynkeþ.