Readings for line KD.P.197

For may no renke þere rest haue · for ratones bi nyȝte
For may non renc þere reste haue  for ratones by nyȝte
For may no renke there rest haue , for ratons bi night
For may no renk þer reste haue . for Ratons by nyȝte
For ther may no thyng reste haue  for ratouns by nyȝte
For may no renke ther reste haue · for ratons by nyghte
For may no renvkere[n]ke there rest hauve for ratons by nyght
For may no renke þere rest haue  for ratouns bi nyȝt
Ve terre vbi puer est rex . For may no renk noR.P.65: F omits R's double negative and beta reads þer reste in place of R's no reste. reste haue 
for ratones by nyȝte . It is unclear why the scribe's lineation went wrong here (running together the Latin quotation with half the following English line, so that the b-verse ended up relegated to a line of its own). It seems likely that the problem is related to a larger problem of textual order between KDProl.188 and 197 in Bx (See Kane-Donaldson, p. 176, for their editorial reasoning on re-ordering this passage). However, there is no evidence that the R scribe had any clue about the source of the problem. The <f> at the head of RP.66 is not capitalized, but it is touched in red, and the small + in the left margin is probably irrelevant; similar marks are found beside most lines that were to have been boxed in red (unnoted in this edition).
There may no renke haue reste / for rattys on nyghtis.