Readings for line KD.P.201

For had ȝe rattes ȝowre wille · ȝe couthe nouȝt reule ȝowre-selue
For hadde ȝye rattes ȝyoure wille  ȝye couthe not reule ȝyoure-selue.
For had you rats youre wyl , you could not rule your-selfe
For hadde ye rattes youre wille . ye kouþe noȝt rule yow-selue
for hadde ȝe rattes ȝour wylle  ȝe kowthe nat rewle ȝowe-sylueHm.P.198: There is a one space erasure between yow and sylue, probably an <e>. Part of the <w> is restroked over this erasure by hand1. ·
For hadde ye rattes yowre wille · ye kouþe nouȝt reule youre-selue
for had ye ratons your wyll ye covld not reuvle you-selueG.1.200: Once again, G's minims are poorly defined. Kane and Donaldson read yo for G you.
For haddenO.P.201: O alone has the form hadden in place of hadde or omission. ȝe rattis ȝoure wille  ȝe couþenO.P.201: O alone has the form couþen in place of kouþe. not reule ȝow-selue
For hadde ȝe ratones ȝoure wille  ȝe couthe nouȝt rewele ȝoure-selue
For hadde ȝe ratonysF.1.192: Alpha reads ratonys, a reading in which it is joined by GH and the C version. Beta manuscripts have rattes. ȝoure wille / ȝee cowhde not rewle ȝour-selue.