Readings for line KD.P.39

Qui turpiloquium loquitur · &cL.P.39: LCCr1HM omit the b-verse, which reads is luciferes hyne.
Qui loquitur turpiloquium & cetera. est seruus diaboliM.P.39: The abbreviated reading has been expanded by two different fifteenth-century hands. No other manuscript (in any version) lacks the supplied loquitur. The second half-line is lacking also in LCr1C; other manuscripts have is luciferes hyne or variants upon it, of which the added est seruus diaboli in M is a translation. No direct source for the line has been found (see John Alford, Piers Plowman: A Guide to the Quotations [Binghamton, 1992] p. 33), so that the additions presumably derive from another text of the poem.
Qui loquitur turpiloquium . & cetera
ButW.P.39: W alone has But. All other B manuscripts omit it. . Qui loquitur turpiloquium . is luciferes hyne
Qui loquitur turpeloquium · ys lucyfer his hyne
Qui turpiloquium loquitur et cetera :
qui loquitur turpeloquium ys lucyfers hyne
Qui turpiloquium loquitur  is lucifers knaue
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