Readings for line KD.P.42

Fayteden for here fode · fouȝten atte ale
Faiteden for here fode  fouȝten atte ale 
Faytenden for her fode , foughten at the ale
Faiteden for hire foode . fouȝten at þe ale
Faytede..... for her food · fouȝten at the nale ·
FattedenFa[i]teden for hir fode · foughten atte ale
fast fayten for þer fode fouvghten atte ale
Faiteden for her fode  fauȝten atO.P.42: OC2 alone lack þe before ale. ale
R [Not found.]
& fele fayted for here foode / & fowtyn at þe aleF.1.38: A late seventeenth- or early eighteenth-century Corpus Christi College librarian supplied the following inscription at the bottom of the page: Liber C.C.C Oxon.
Ex dono Gulielmi Fulman A. M. hujus Collegii quondam Socii.
William Fulman (1632-1688), born Penshurst, Kent, in November, 1632, became a scholar at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, in 1647, was expelled in 1648 by Parliamentarians, and at the restoration in 1660 was created M.A. and Fellow of the college. He remained in college until 1669 when he took a living in Gloucestershire, where he died of a fever in 1688. See the Dictionary of National Biography, eds. Leslie Stephen and Sidney Lee (Oxford: Oxford U P, 1917): 7.767-68.