Readings for line KD.P.58

I fonde þere Freris alle þe foure ordres
I fo..ond there  offM.P.58: The addition of off brings M into agreement with H. alle the foure ordres
I found ther the fryers all the four orders
I fond þere Freres . alle þe foure ordres
I fond there freres · alle the foure ordres
I fande ther freres · alle þe foure ordres
IG.1.58:This <I> is one of the capitals which indicate the beginnings of chapters. See the corresponding summary in the Table of Contents at f.101v (the account of the second chapter of the first passus) and see also C. David Benson and Lynne S. Blanchfield, The Manuscripts of Piers Plowman: the B-version (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 1997), 133. The large capital is presumably intended to replace the inline smaller capital. For large and decorated capitals at the beginnings of other chapters see Judith A. Jefferson, "Divisions, Collaborations and other topics: the table of contents in Cambridge University Library, MS Gg.4.31" in John A. Burrow and Hoyt N. Duggan, eds, Medieval Alliterative Poetry: Essays in Honour of Thorlac Turville-Petre (Dublin:Four Courts Press, 2010), 140-152, esp.141-44, and for evidence suggesting that the majority of such capitals may have been added by WH, see Jefferson, "Divisions", 148-50. This particular example, however, appears to have been added by the original scribe at the time of writing; presumably he recognised his error in failing to leave a space for a larger capital.
I fond there freres all þe fouvre orders
I fonde þere freris  alle þe foure ordres
R [Not found.]
/ [¶] I fond þere of þe freris / alle þe fowre ordris