Readings for line KD.P.82

That þe poraille of þe parisch · sholde haue ȝif þei nere
That the pore .....poraileM.P.82: The original word was shorter than poraile. F has men but most A manuscripts have peple, which may well be M's original reading. of þe parissh  haue if þei ...? were .
That the pouerty of the parysh should haue if they ne were
That þe poraille of þe parisshe sholde haue . if þei ne were
that the porayle of the parysch · schulde haue if þei ne were
That the poraille of the parisshe · schulde haue if þey nere
that þe perycyoners shuvld hauve yff they y ne were
Þat þe pore porayleO.P.82: YOC2M alone have pore porayle; variants include pore men (F), poraille (WHmCL), and pouerty (Cr). Kane and Donaldson emend to pouere peple. of þe parisch  schulde haue . if þei ne were
R [Not found.]
F.1.76: An early scribe has written an abbreviation for nota in the left margin. Note that the curious mark beneath it is repeated again on passus 27r, again in connection with a nota abbreviation. Þat þe pore men of þe parschȝ  sholde have if þey nere