Readings for line KD.1.104

And who-so passed þat poynte · was apostata in þe ordreL.1.105: A later hand (s. xvi) has written apostata in the right margin.
And who-so passethdM.1.106: The erased reading passeth is an A text reading adopted by Kane and Donaldson against the reading passed of all the B manuscripts. They do not note that M is rewritten. See next note. þat poyn....t  isM.1.106: The word is, written over an illegible erasure, is the reading of YOC2 and A manuscripts. Other B manuscripts have was. See previous note. Apostata in þordre .
And who-so passed þat poynt was apostata in þe ordre
And who-so passed þat point . was Apostata in þe ordre
and who-so passede that poynt  was apostotaapost[a]ta in the ordre
And who-so passed that poynt · was apostata in þe order
& wo-so passed that poynt was a-postyta In the ordre
And who-so passede þeO.1.104: OC2 alone have þe in place of þat. poynt  isO.1.104: YOC2M alone have the present-tense form.apostata in þe ordre
And who-so At this point there was an original diagonal tear in the parchment (repaired by stitching). The scribe has written around the tear, which also affects the spacing of R1.106 between crist and kyngene. passed þat poynt  was apostata in þat ordre
& who þat passede þat poynt / a-postata was holde.