Readings for line KD.1.131

And enden as I ere seide · in treuthe þat is þe bestL.1.131: The <e> of best is possibly altered from <i> in response to the corrector's marginal <+>.
And enden as I hereeerM.1.132: M's erased reading agreed with G, but this is a spurious agreement since the reviser is correcting M's spelling of er as again at M1.135. See Introduction IV.1.2.7. saide  in truthe þat is beste /
And end as I ere sayd in Truth that is the best
And enden as I er seide . in truþe þat is þe beste
and enden as y ere seide  in trewthe that ys the beste
And enden as I er saide · In trouthe þat is þe beste
& enden as I hereG.1.131: M originally shared G's reading here, but this was a spurious agreement since in M's case the form was simply a spelling variant for most manuscripts ere, later corrected by the M reviser. G's spelling practice suggests that his variant is substantive. See Eric Eliason, Thorlac Turville-Petre and Hoyt N. Duggan, eds, Piers Plowman Electronic Archive, vol.5: London, British Library MS Additional 35287 (M) (Woodbridge: D. S. Brewer for SEENET and the Medieval Academy of America, 2005), note to this line. sayd In truvght that ys the best
And eenden as I erstO.1.130: OC2 alone have erst; most B manuscripts have er. seyde  in truþe þat is best
And enden as I oer[e]r seyde  in trewthe þat is þe beste .
Þey enden / as eer[I] eer seyde / in trewþe / for þe beste.