Readings for line KD.1.136

Lereth it þis lewde men · for lettred men it knowen
Lereth it ....yeM.1.137: The erasure occurs at a point where most B manuscripts read this or þise. GF have thys ye. lewde men  for lettred men it knowe .
Lerne on thys lewd men , for lettred men it knoweth
Lereþ it þise lewed men . for lettred men it knoweþ
lereþ on this lewed men  for lettrud men it knoweth
Lereth it this lewed men · for lettred men ne knowen
lerne thys yeG.2.136: In the case of M's reading it ye (corresponding to G F thys ye, most manuscripts it þis), the word ye has been added in a later hand over an erasure. leyG.2.136: The scribe appears to have tried to change <y> of original ley- to <w> and then decided to rewrite the whole word as lewde. lewde men for lettered men h ytt knowen
Lereþ it þeiseO.1.134: WYOC2 alone have þeise; variants include this (HmCrCLR), thys ye (GF), and ye (M). lewede men  for lettred men it knowen
¶ LerethR.1.136: Beta adds it after Lereth. This is also the reading of the A and C archetypes. this lewed men  for lettrede men it knoweth .
LereF.2.132: Alpha and G omit beta's it after lere. þys / ȝee lewide men / for lettrid men it knowen.