Readings for line KD.1.176

Thouȝ ȝe be myȝtful to mote · beth meke in ȝowre werkes
Thouȝ ȝye be miȝtful to mote . beth in ȝyoure ......werkesM.1.178: In place of M's revised reading werkes, H has werk, F has herte and G has seluen.
Though ye be mightti to mot be meke in youre workes
Thouȝ ye be myȝtful to mote . beeþ meke in youre werkes
though ȝe ben myȝtfull to mote  beth meke in ȝour werkes
Thought ye be myghtful to mote · beth meke in youre werkes
thogh ye be myghtyG.2.176: All A manuscripts except Ha and all C manuscripts except Dc Mc share the G Cr reading myghty, which is adopted by Kane and Donaldson. Remaining B manuscripts read miȝtful. to mote bees / meke off G.2.176: Kane and Donaldson read the result of the correction of original off as of, i.e. they take the view that only one <f> has been deleted. This is possible but it would be unusual: forms of "of" with -ff are common in G and do not normally attract the attention of the corrector. youvrseluven
Þouȝ ȝe been myȝtful to mote  beþ meke in ȝoure werkis
R [Not found.]
Þey ȝee been myghtful to moote / be ȝee meke in herte.