Readings for line KD.1.206

For-þi I sey as I seide · ere by þe textis
For-þi I say as I saide . ere by þe textis .
Forthie I saye as I sayde er by the textes
For-þi I seye as I seide . er by þe textes
forþy y sey as y seide  hereHm.1.203: Here is a reverse spelling for ere, the reading of most other B manuscripts. be thes tixtes
For-thi I say as I sayde er · by þe textis
forthy I say as I seyd er by syght offG.2.208: The G H reading by syght off is shared by most A and C manuscripts, and is the reading adopted by Kane and Donaldson. Remaining B manuscripts read by. thesG.2.208: The A manuscripts Ra U Ch H2 J E K and all C manuscripts except for Dc P Sc share the G Hm reading thes (for remaining B manuscripts þe). textes
For-þi I seye as I seyde erstO.1.207: OC2 alone have erst; most B manuscripts have er..  bi þe treweO.1.207: OC2 alone include trewe, which is marked for deletion by a solidus/punctus above and a caret/punctus in the right margin. textis
R [Not found.]
For-þy / y seyȝ / as y seide / eer by þe tyxtys.